EARS-4-HIRE - project consulting.

* Do you need help with recording techniques?
* Are you stuck on a mix?
* Do you need expert advice on a particular project?
* Do you want to do a workshop at your studio.

The EARS-4-HIRE workshop might be for you.

How about if I come to YOUR studio, we record in YOUR room, mix on YOUR equipment and on YOUR speakers, in an environment that is familiar to YOU. That way, everything you learn during the sessions, applies to your specific situation and you can use it on your future projects.

It doesn't matter what platform you're on, we'll make the best of it and adjust the recording techniques to that particular platform. You are going to learn how to improve your engineering/mixing skills. We'll talk about the acoustics in your studio and have a look at possible improvements based on your particular project. You learn WHAT to listen for on your own speakers.

How much is it?

The rate is $1,450.00 per 8 hour day. From the fourth day on the rate goes down to $1,350.00/day and for a whole 5 day week it's only $6,550.00.

There is a three day minimum for workshops within, and a five day minimum for workshops outside the continental US.

Of course I have to get there and stay somewhere, so travel and hotels are on you. Any clean hotel with room service is fine, high speed internet access in the room and a small refrigerator is a must. Economy class flights are OK for direct flights under 4 hours. Flights longer than 4 hours total travel time should be business class or better. There will be a charge of $400.00 for each travel day.

Special arrangements have to be made if I am supposed to bring equipment to the sessions (insurance, shipping etc.).

For an extra $600.00 per person/day you can team up with engineer colleagues for the sessions and split the cost.

All rates and terms are subject to change. A 100% pre-pay is required latest 3 weeks before workshop start. Once a session is confirmed, rates are guaranteed for that session.

The EARS-4-HIRE sessions are not meant to be a substitute for engineering or mixing sessions. Certain paperwork has to be signed in relation to engineering and mixing credits used on the project.