During the course of this workshop we are going to record and mix one song, from top to bottom. The following areas of recording and mixing will be explored in detail:
- room acoustics,
- placement of instruments in a room,
- session management
- pre-production/song arrangement
- choice and placement of microphones,
- choice of microphone preamps,
- gain staging,
- phase relation between microphone set ups,
- different recording techniques, tips and tricks of the trade
- outboard gear for recording and mixing
- routing and set up of effect units, equalizers, compressors, reverbs, delays etc
- automation, levels, panning, bussing, dynamic effects,
- analog summing
- patch bays, analog and digital
- buss compression/equalization,
and plenty more...

I will provide a real live band. We will be spending as much time as needed on mic setups and trying different things, and won’t record until we are satisfied, and the band just will have to put up with us.

You are welcome to bring your own gear or microphones for comparison if you like, but please let me know in advance, so we can fit it into the production plan. We also might want to coordinate with other workshop guests about what to bring. You can find the constantly changing WireWorld microphone list HERE. The (almost up to date) WireWorld equipment list can be found HERE. Also, I'd love to hear samples of your work, so bring a CD of some of your projects.

The workshops are hands-on and everybody will be put to work during the recording sessions. Questions are always welcome, no such thing as a stupid question. There will be times when I have to concentrate on the progress of the session (like vocal tracking etc.) and in order not to interupt the creative flow, we have to wait with questions until after those tracks are recorded.

At the end of the workshop you take home a CD of the mixed and pre-mastered version(s) of the song and hopefully a lot more knowledge about recording and mixing than what you came here with. If time allows, we visit an Equipment manufacturer or a pro mastering studio on Nashville’s famous Music Row, where you find out how to prepare for a smooth mastering session. From time to time I will have guests for short seminars about a specific topic (like Ribbon mics, guitar amps etc.)

Unless other arrangements are made, the 7-day workshop usually starts with a breakfast meeting on the morning of the first day and goes until the evening of the 7th day. The hours are from 11:00AM to 7:00PM. Afterwards, we might all go to dinner together for some great food and further “plugz ‘n wire” talk. During the day snacks and beverages are avaiable at the studio.

The new rate for the 2013 7-day workshops is $2,450 (not including travel, hotel or food).

In order to be able to take care of each guest on a personal level, the 7-day workshop is limited to an attendance of 12 guests, but has to have a minimum attendance of 3 guests to cover the studio cost. If the minimum attendance is not reached two weeks before the planned workshop start date, I reserve the right to move the workshop to a later date, in which case all deposits will be refunded in full. If possible, you might want to wait with booking flights until that date.

Please contact me at 615-883-2507 or via email